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Minimize the risk of cyber attacks.

Laser focus on individual employee weaknesses through our AI governed training programs. We take human risk management to a whole new level with Breach and Teach AI.

Employee security profile

James Murphy, VP of Sales

Low risk
  • Link phishing

    12 / 100
  • Compliance

    19 / 100
  • Device security

    32 / 100
  • Credentials management

    11 / 100

What our clients say

Globally trusted by organizations with the most uncompromising cybersecurity requirements.

  • “We chose Cybr because it is crucial for us as a bank to build a strong security culture and improve our employee’s cyber risk behavior - as well as to being able to be on top of ICT-compliance rules which govern regulated entities like us.”

  • "We’ve seen vast improvements with our cybersecurity awareness initiatives following the use of CYBR’s services. Thank you CYBR team!"