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human cyber risk.human cyber risk.

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Our mission is simple: Breach & Teach

State of the art personalized attack simulations generated by our Breach AI engine

Next-generation awareness training laser-focused on individual weaknesses through our Teach AI

Why is human cyber risk so important?

of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error

Employee security profile

Trond, VP of Sales

High risk
  • Link phishing

    12 / 100
  • Compliance

    19 / 100
  • Device security

    32 / 100
  • Credentials management

    11 / 100

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To beat a hacker, you need to think like a hacker

Cyber attacks are more sophisticated than ever. Hackers have multiple attacks vectors to utilize for delivery methods. Our AI governed social penetration test launches conclusive attack simulations after identifying your employees vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

  • AI governed social engineering through Social Media, Email, SMS & Phone Calls

  • Highly personalized attacks based on individual parameters for each user

Data-driven training program. Adaptative. Gamified. Evolving.

Connected to your Business Tools

  • Azure SSO

  • Google

  • Slack beta

  • Teams beta

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What our clients say

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  • “We chose Cybr because it is crucial for us as a bank to build a strong security culture and improve our employee’s cyber risk behavior - as well as to being able to be on top of ICT-compliance rules which govern regulated entities like us.”

  • "We’ve seen vast improvements with our cybersecurity awareness initiatives following the use of CYBR’s services. Thank you CYBR team!"